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So do I. This is just some speculation on the matter, in the form of "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" fanfiction. I will have my revenge. I WILL. She thinks to herself, rummaging through her things. I know what I'll do- I'll commit public suicide! Best idea EVAR! She takes a strange device, which takes the likeness of a card, out of a chest. In all reality, this rather powerful machine of doom, destruction and cupcakes had been through the washer, and quite frankly, died and went to hell with appearances.
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See More by YurixTheWanderer. Featured in collections. YGO GX by video-manga. Featured in groups See All. Blair Flannigan, older 21 11K 2 Today. GX, as an adult. I actually like how it turned out, to be honest. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

If you are reading this letter that means you are the hero or heroes of your world and are meant to receive this gift. This is a hypnosis gun, also known as the Al Bhed Hypno Zapper and was made to give those of pure hearts a better life, it made my life much better and I hope it does the same for you. Now I get to draw three cards but I have to discard two in exchange. I active the Spell card: Ancient Rules! I play my Trap Card: No Entry!! This forces all Monsters on your side of the Field to go into Defence mode! To make the little engine who can and will, Steam Gyroid! This allows me to Draw two extra Cards from my Deck. Then I play the Spell card: Premature Burial! While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

Jaden and Alexis were eating with the Slifers again, and having major headaches. Haou and Akuji have been bugging them out for the past couple of days, just talking in their heads and giving 'suggestions'. Alexis was eating one piece of fried shrimp and was getting really mad 'shut it, I can eat whatever I want'.

Both Jaden and Alexis were scowling, and all of the other Slifers were keeping their distance. They seemed to be really pissed off at something, even though nothing seemed wrong. Just then the door to the Slifer dorm opened and two figures stood there. One of them was Banner who was smiling and holding his cat pharaoh. Another was a short boy, wearing a hat that covered his whole head and in the official Slifer jacket. He decided to stay at Duel academy to challenge Jaden again, and try for probably the th time to get Alexis.

Since he left and came back, he was put in the Slifer dorm, which just made him angrier at Jaden. He was in his black trench coat and slouching back on a bench by himself. Jaden groaned and everyone looked at him. One second he was happy, the next he was groaning or seemed to be pissed off. It freaked many people out, the way he and Alexis just had these sudden mood switches.

Chumley nodded to the new student to sit down with him and Syrus, which he did. Syrus didn't seem to mind that someone seemed to be more frightened then he was, it gave him a little more self-esteem.

Chumley sat back down still glaring at Chazz. He didn't like him too much, but who really did. None of the obelisks liked him because he went against DA and none of the Slifers liked him because when he was here, he was a total dick to the Slifers.

Syrus nodded "yah, the one with the god cards. The stadium is still under repair because of all the damage. It was super luscious". If you don't know, Blair is a girl, and her original plan was to find Zane and challenge him.

But now, she has a new interest. Her little 'Jadey-poo. It was morning and Blair woke up on the top bunk in Syrus's and Chumley's room. The rooms were small, with one desk, and triple bunk bed, with barley any room and nothing else other than a window.

It was Sunday, so no classes were taking place, and it was currently am. She stealthily jumped off the bunk and landed cat like on the floor. She didn't make a sound, and she quickly got dressed in her Slifer uniform and black hat. She grabbed her deck and duel disk and headed out side. She made her way to the Obelisk dorm, which was quite easy to find, since it was the second largest building in the whole school. She crept through the bushes and was going to wait for Jaden to come outside and challenge him.

She planned to stay here for a couple of hours so she lay down in the bushes, but then she heard something. She peered through the tree line and saw a very interesting sight.

Jaden was climbing down from his balcony on a robe ladder, and following him was Alexis. He wore the same clothes as the Slifers, but when he dropped down, not feeling like taking the extra couple of steps, you could see the blue underneath.

Alexis wore the normal girl's uniform, but she also had blue fingerless gloves on. She dropped down next to Jaden, both of them carrying a backpack; hers begin blue and his black. They two of them walked hand in hand, but not towards the Slifer dorm or the main building, but into the woods.

Blair decided to follow, because this seemed to be very suspicious, so she carefully and quietly followed behind them, staying about 30 feet behind them. They followed a trail which seemed to be badly made. They were talking, but Blair couldn't hear what they were saying. Jaden and Alexis then seemed to have reached an opening and were out of Blair's sight.

Blair had brought mini binoculars just in case and started climbing a tree that was 20 feet away. She made it about 15 feet up and laid back on one of the branches and peered through her binoculars. In the pool of water seemed to be Alexis and Jaden, but what made her jaw drop was that both of them were naked. Alexis was very close to Jaden, and she was splashing water in his face, while he covered his face from her splashes.

I'm too young to see this' Blair thought wildly in her head, and she fell out of the tree and landed on a branch 2 feet below her, then another and another until she made it to the ground. Jaden nodded and got into his pants, but not his shirt and Alexis put her bra and skirt on and followed Jaden where they heard the crash. Blair was lying on the ground, her eyes spinning from the fall.

Her hat was stuck on a branch, so her long dark hair billowed over her face. Her binoculars were broken and were hanging from another branch. Alexis appeared behind him and peered over his shoulder and she scowled at the figure that was sprawled on the ground.

Jaden looked around and noticed that hat Blair was wearing yesterday and saw the Slifer jacket and he quickly made the connection.

Blair came back to consciousness, but she wasn't on the ground anymore, instead she was sitting on the beach and two people stood a couple of feet in front of her. One was indifferent to the situation, the other was baling her fists, and Blair thought any second, she would see a girl show as much fury as Obelisk.

Jaden was standing there looking at the situation with his arms crossed, with his duel disk on one of them. Jaden nodded 'works for me' then he turned his attention to Blair. She nodded a little frightened, because she could almost see fire appearing behind Alexis from her anger.

She was about to strangle Blair, but Jaden put his hand in front of her. She suspected that having Akuji inside of her and wide awake made her a little more over protected of Jaden, especially since Akuji seemed to really 'love' Haou. Jaden then redirected his attention to Blair, "we duel now, and if you win, I won't tell the school on you and you can stay here, however if I win, you go back home. Your barley out of primary school, you shouldn't even be here. Blair got to her feet, still nervous from the glares that Alexis was giving her.

A girl in a blue and white dress appeared, holding a basket of roses. She had long dark hair that went way below her chest, and she winked at Jaden. If this is a maiden deck, she is going to probably going to lure your strong attacking monsters into her trap, so she can redirect the damage to you. Haou thought for a second ' try to get a monster out that can wipe her out in one turn, or do direct damage to her'.

Jaden drew and looked at his hand. I soldier in shining crimson armor appeared. He had fire surrounding him, but it seemed to be fazing in and out like television waves. He had two large black and crimson wings that were filled with the same type of plasma fire that covered his body of they were large enough to wrap around himself.

One hand was a large mechanically claw and the other was holding a demonic spear, with plasma fire covering both. He glared at the maiden who just looked helpless at the beast. Jaden grinned wider "exactly so I discard cyber hero winged bladder , so that means I deal damage to you". Cyber hero flash fire rose up high in the air and launched a bolt of fire at Blair who screamed on impact. Haou nodded 'yes but she has two facedown cards, so play your cyber reflection trap facedown. Her deck is all about countering your own power, so you don't want to risk losing you flash fire'.

She had the trap maiden's love which would have turned his monster to her side. Jaden nodded and drew "alright it ends now because I discard Cyber hero silver-bladder , and deal damage directly to you". Flash fire rose up again and fired an even larger blast of fire at Blair, who fell to her knees after her life counter fell to 0. Later that day, Alexis and Jaden were watching Blair take her stuff and go on a ship, heading back to Domino city. She was on the railing looking at Jaden and Alexis.

Alexis was holding Jaden's hand. Story Story Writer Forum Community. When he reaches his 15 birthday he is off to Duel Academy with 7 years of training with the king of games himself.

Chapter Blair Fare Jaden and Alexis were eating with the Slifers again, and having major headaches. Alexis was eating one piece of fried shrimp and was getting really mad 'shut it, I can eat whatever I want' Both Jaden and Alexis were scowling, and all of the other Slifers were keeping their distance.

Jaden waved at him, "Hey was up. You got the good dorm" and he chuckled to himself. The boy looked confused at Jaden "I thought Obelisk was the good dorm" 'Yah they got cable' Haou said in Jaden's head. Alexis nudged Jaden "Jay, I'm getting a headache from Akuji again so can we please go" Jaden nodded "yah" and he stood up and Alexis followed.

Jaden nodded "I have a really bad headache" 'Oh so I am a headache now' Haou said amused. Blair was looking at the door. Blair's eyes lit up "Did you say Yuki? It was super luscious" Blair seemed to get really excited "where does he stay? Her jaw dropped back down to the ground. Jaden peered to where he heard the crash.

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